The purpose of these "Getting started" tutorials is to teach new users the basics of Julia and JuMP.

How these tutorials are structured

Having a high-level overview of how this part of the documentation is structured will help you know where to look for certain things.

  • The "Getting started with" tutorials are basic introductions to different aspects of JuMP and Julia. If you are new to JuMP and Julia, start by reading them in the following order:
  • Julia has a reputation for being "fast." Unfortunately, it is also easy to write slow Julia code. Performance tips contains a number of important tips on how to improve the performance of models you write in JuMP.
  • Design patterns for larger models is a more advanced tutorial that is aimed at users writing large JuMP models. It's in the "Getting started" section to give you an early preview of how JuMP makes it easy to structure larger models. If you are new to JuMP you may want to skip or briefly skim this tutorial, and come back to it once you have written a few JuMP models.