Development roadmap

This page is not JuMP documentation per se but are notes for the JuMP community. The JuMP developers have compiled this roadmap document to share their plans and goals. Contributions to roadmap issues are especially invited.

JuMP 1.0

JuMP 1.0 will be ready to release roughly when all of these tasks are completed. Some but not all of these tasks are summarized in the JuMP 1.0 milestone.

  • Create a website for JuMP (Done:
  • Deprecate the JuliaOpt organization and move repositories to the JuMP-dev organization (Done)
  • Address major regressions from JuMP 0.18
    • Performance (#1403, #1654, #1607)
    • Callbacks (Done: see examples/callbacks.jl)
    • Column generation syntax (Done: see examples/cutting_stock_column_generation.jl)
    • Support for second-order cones in Gurobi, CPLEX, and Xpress (Done)
  • Fix issues that we promised MOI would fix
    • Checking feasibility of solutions (Done: #2466)
    • Accessing IIS (Done: see Conflicts)
    • Accessing multiple results from solvers (Done: Gurobi#392)
    • Dual warm-starts (Done: #2214)
  • Address "easy" usability issues
    • Line numbers in error messages (Done: #2276)
    • LP sensitivity summary (Done: see Sensitivity analysis for LP)
    • Inferred element types for collections in macros (Done: #2070)
    • Expose solver-independent options from JuMP (Done: see set_silent etc.)
  • Improve the documentation (#1062)
  • Developer experience
    • Get JuMP's unit tests running faster. See #1745. (Done)
  • All solvers should complete the transition to MOI (Done)
  • Provide packages for installing Bonmin and Couenne (Done)
  • MathOptFormat 1.0 (Done)

MOI 1.0

Beyond JuMP 1.0