This section of the documentation contains brief documentation for some popular JuMP extensions. The list of extensions is not exhaustive, but instead is intended to help you discover popular JuMP extensions, and to give you an overview of the types of extensions that are possible to write with JuMP.


Packages beginning with jump-dev/ are developed and maintained by the JuMP developers.

Packages that do not begin with jump-dev/ are developed independently. The developers of these packages requested or consented to the inclusion of their README contents in the JuMP documentation for the benefit of users.

Adding new extensions

Written an extension? Add it to this section of the JuMP documentation by making a pull request to the docs/packages.toml file.

Weak dependencies

Some extensions listed in this section are implemented using the weak dependency feature added to Julia in v1.9. These extensions are activated if and only if you have JuMP and the other package loaded into your current scope with using or import.


Using a weak dependency requires Julia v1.9 or later.