• Celebrating the first 1000 stars on GitHub

    JuMP just received its 1000th star on GitHub! We will use this milestone to recap JuMP’s growth and other important milestones since its beginnings as an experimental project in 2012.

    While tracking the success of an open-source project is known to be a hard problem, we have a few metrics available to us. The number of citations of the two...


  • An update on constraint programming in JuMP

    Author: Thibaut Cuvelier (@dourouc05)

    JuMP and MathOptInterface are oriented towards traditional mathematical optimization, encompassing problem classes such as mixed-integer linear programs and conic optimization. However, the MathOptInterface API is amenable to other kinds of formalism, including constraint programming.

    In constrast to linear or conic programs, constraint programs typically have no objective function, but a much wider variety of constraints...

  • JuMP 0.21.5 is released

    We are happy to announce the joint release of JuMP 0.21.5 and MathOptInterface 0.9.17! These releases are a mix of new features and some much needed performance optimizations. This should be a non-breaking release, please let us know if this isn’t the case by opening a Github issue or joining the Gitter chat. We did have a couple...

  • JuMP 0.21 is released

    We are happy to announce the release of JuMP 0.21! Since the 0.20 release, 32 pull requests have been merged and 34 issues closed (listed here). The release is packed with new features and contains a couple of breaking changes. We’ll give only a quick summary of the changes here. See the release notes for more details. Here’s...



  • HiGHS.jl 0.1 released

    We are happy to announce the initial v0.1 release of HiGHS.jl, a wrapper for HiGHS.

    HiGHS is a new high-performance open-source linear programming solver being developed by Julian Hall and colleagues at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

    The GitHub README has information on how to install and use HiGHS.jl with JuMP.

    While HiGHS is ready...