PSR sponsors maintenance and support of JuMP

Author: Miles Lubin, Juan Pablo Vielma, Carleton Coffrin and Changhyun Kwon

The JuMP Steering Committee is pleased to announce that we, through NumFOCUS, have signed an agreement with PSR to provide maintenance and support for JuMP and the surrounding ecosystem.

PSR is a global provider of consulting services, computational modeling and energy innovation; and actively contributes to research and development of optimization and data analytics solutions.

The agreement between PSR and JuMP is part of a larger project for the Câmara de Comercilização de Energia Elétrica’s “Study on the formation of short-term electricity prices: an analysis of the Brazilian market.” You can find more information on the project’s website (Portuguese).

The agreement runs from January 2024 to March of 2025.

The first person being funded is Dr. Oscar Dowson, a core contributor to JuMP, and also a member of the Steering Committee.

(Per our conflict of interest policy, Oscar, who is funded by the grant, recused himself from Steering Committee votes on this agreement.)