HiGHS.jl 0.1 released

We are happy to announce the initial v0.1 release of HiGHS.jl, a wrapper for HiGHS.

HiGHS is a new high-performance open-source linear programming solver being developed by Julian Hall and colleagues at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

The GitHub README has information on how to install and use HiGHS.jl with JuMP.

While HiGHS is ready to use today, you should be aware that it is still under active development. That means it might be slow or unstable on some problems. However, by reporting these problems you can help make HiGHS better!

To report a problem (e.g., incorrect results, or a crash of the solver), or make a suggestion for how to improve HiGHS, please file a GitHub issue. To make the problem reproducible, use JuMP.write_to_file(model, "filename.mps") to write your model an MPS file, then upload the MPS file to https://gist.github.com and provide a link to the gist in the GitHub issue.

Stay tuned for more progress!