NumFOCUS signs agreement with LANL to improve nonlinear support in JuMP

Author: Miles Lubin, Juan Pablo Vielma, and Changhyun Kwon

The JuMP Steering Committee is pleased to announce that we, through NumFOCUS, have signed an agreement with Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) to improve nonlinear support in JuMP.

The agreement runs until September 2023.

At a high-level, the agreement seeks to improve nonlinear support in JuMP on two key fronts:

In addition, there is scope to work on and improve other aspects of nonlinear programming in JuMP.

To discuss our plans or to get involved by suggesting improvements:

The first person being funded is Dr. Oscar Dowson, a core contributor to JuMP, and also a member of the Steering Committee.

Oscar will be working on a part-time basis of 10 hours per week.

(Per our conflict of interest policy, Oscar, who is funded by the grant, and Carleton Coffrin, who is managing the project for LANL, recused themselves from Steering Committee votes on this agreement.)