JuMP-dev 2022

We are pleased to announce that JuMP-dev 2022 will be co-located with JuliaCon 2022!

This year JuliaCon is virtual, and will be held 27-29 July, 2022.


The purpose of JuMP-dev is to bring together students, researchers, and practitioners with interests in the methodological, algorithmic, and software aspects of JuMP and related packages. In particular, we invite new contributors and those who have not met the core development team.

How do I attend?

JuliaCon 2022 is entirely virtual and free to attend, but registration is required.

All participants will uphold the JuliaCon Code of Conduct.


All talks at JuMP-dev will be played live on Youtube at the times below. Register for JuliaCon to receive a link and instructions for how to watch. After the event, we will replace the “Time” column with links to the recorded videos.

Note that these times are subject to change. See the JuliaCon schedule for the definitive schedule.

Title Speaker Video link
July 27    
UnitJuMP: Automatic unit handling in JuMP Truls Flatberg video
SparseVariables - Efficient sparse modelling with JuMP Lars Hellemo video
JuMP ToQUBO Automatic Reformulation Pedro Xavier video
A multi-precision algorithm for convex quadratic optimization Geoffroy Leconte video
Interior-point conic optimization with Clarabel.jl Paul Goulart video
JuMP 1.0: What you need to know Miles Lubin video
A user’s perspective on using JuMP in an academic project Mathieu Tanneau video
COPT and its Julia interface Qi Huangfu video
JuMP and HiGHS: the best open-source linear optimization solvers Julian Hall video
Pajarito’s MathOptInterface makeover Chris Coey video
A matrix-free fix-propagate-and-project heuristic for MILPs Mathieu Besançon video
Verifying Inverse Model Neural Networks Using JuMP Chelsea Sidrane video
Complex number support in JuMP Benoît Legat video
July 28    
Improving nonlinear programming support in JuMP Oscar Dowson video
Benchmarking Nonlinear Optimization with AC Optimal Power Flow Carleton Coffrin video
Advances in Transformations and NLP Modeling for InfiniteOpt.jl Joshua Pulsipher video
The JuliaSmoothOptimizers (JSO) Organization Dominique Orban video
PDE-constrained optimization using JuliaSmoothOptimizers Tangi Migot video
Generalized Disjunctive Programming via DisjunctiveProgramming Hector D. Perez video
July 29    
DiffOpt.jl differentiating your favorite optimization problems Joaquim Dias Garcia video
Recent developments in ParametricOptInterface.jl Guilherme Bodin video
Stochastic Optimal Control with MarkovBounds.jl Flemming Holtorf video
Optimising Fantasy Football with JuMP Dean Markwick video
Risk Budgeting Portfolios from simulations Bernardo Freitas Paulo da Costa video
Streamlining nonlinear programming on GPUs François Pacaud and Michel Schanen video
Fast optimization via randomized numerical linear algebra Theo Diamandis video

There were also a number of other talks at JuliaCon that, although not part of the official JuMP-dev program, still used JuMP and that you might find interesting.

Title Speaker Video link
GeneDrive.jl: Simulate and Optimize Biological Interventions Valeri Vasquez video
Optimization of bike manufacturing and distribution (use-case) Przemysław Szufel video
QuantumCircuitOpt for Provably Optimal Quantum Circuit Design Harsha Nagarajan video

Program committee

To contact the program committee, write to jump-dev-2022@googlegroups.com.