JuMP-dev 2020: Abstract Submission

June 15-17, 2020, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

This workshop is the fourth JuMP-dev workshop after the first, second, and third JuMP-dev workshops.

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together students, researchers, and practitioners with interests in the software aspects of JuMP and related packages. The workshop is open for anybody to attend. In particular, we invite new contributors and those who have not met the core development team.

Abstract Submission

Submit an abstract.

Similarly to previous iterations of the workshop, we invite participants to (optionally) present work related to JuMP. In particular, we especially seek talks related to:

Speakers are encouraged to highlight challenges and lessons learned, not only successes. Talks should be aimed at a general audience, but familiarity with JuMP/Julia can be assumed.

See the previous JuMP-dev workshops for examples of accepted talks.

Abstract submission will close February 29, and we expect to notify accepted speakers in early March.


A registration portal will be created shortly. Unlike previous years, there will be a small registration fee.

Plenary speaker

Yurii Nesterov will give a plenary during the workshop, more details on the topic and schedule will be communicated shortly.