JuMP-dev 2021

We are pleased to announce that JuMP-dev 2021 will be co-located with JuliaCon 2021!

This year JuliaCon is virtual, and will be held 28-30 July, 2021.

The purpose of JuMP-dev is to bring together students, researchers, and practitioners with interests in the software aspects of JuMP and related packages. In particular, we invite new contributors and those who have not met the core development team.

How to attend

JuliaCon 2021 is entirely virtual and free to attend, but registration is required.

Logistically, JuMP-dev will function as a separate track of JuliaCon. By registering for JuliaCon you can attend talks at JuMP-dev and JuliaCon.

All participants will uphold the JuliaCon Code of Conduct.

How to give a talk

Similarly to previous iterations of the workshop, we invite participants to present work related to JuMP. In particular, we especially seek talks related to:

Speakers are encouraged to highlight challenges and lessons learned, not only successes. Talks should be aimed at a general audience, but familiarity with JuMP/Julia can be assumed.

See the previous JuMP-dev workshops for examples of accepted talks.

Use the form below to submit an abstract. Abstract submission will close May 31, 2021, and accepted talks will be notified in early June. Because JuliaCon is virtual, accepted speakers will need to upload a pre-recorded video of their talk by mid-July.

If you have already submitted a talk to JuliaCon and would like to speak in the JuMP track instead, please submit the same abstract and let us know in the “Additional comments” section so we can take it into consideration when scheduling talks. Whether you can switch will depend on scheduling constraints. You can also submit a different talk to JuMP-dev in addition to your talk at JuliaCon.


To contact the organizing committee, write to jump-dev-2021@googlegroups.com.